The stresses upon you have been increasing enormously.



I needed to hear this reminder that I am One with the Love the illusory world requires to perfect the overthrow of fear, separation, distrust and anguish. Having long gone beyond the place of denial, having so long burdened myself with the sufferings and sorrows, and the subsequent guilt of transcending these slimy deceptors…………..just to BE the presence of Love, the holder of Light, and the bridge of Truth, even if merely during meditation IS being the change, making manifest the Vegantopia which already exists within my defenceless heart.

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This is a very difficult and stressful time for you all, especially as you pay compassionate and concerned attention to the vast amount of suffering and deprivation that is being endured by so many all over the world. The tsunami of Love is flowing powerfully and intensely through your illusory dream-scape. It is very effective and it is stirring up all your unaddressed issues which have been lying like mud or sand at the bottom of the pond that is your unconscious, the vast hidden area of your mind where all that you could not bear to face has lain hidden for eons. All that “muck” has to be released and cleared away so that the Light that each one of you carries with you constantly can shine forth brightly as divinely intended. As It does so you will become increasingly aware of the divine Light shining forth from others…

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Burmese Chickpea Tofu – Two Ways


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IMG_4069 Wow!!  Just wow!!  This recipe will be changing so much in my kitchen!  I would never have imagined that I’d be making my own tofu, but chickpea tofu is incredibly easy to make, incredibly healthy, and truly and incredibly delicious!  My whole family loves tofu and while I do not give any validity to the rumor mill regarding the alleged health risks of soy (please click here for information about the soy myth), I do believe in everything in moderation.  So when I came across this recipe, I couldn’t wait to try it, and it exceeded all of my expectations!

The basic recipe is all over the internet so I can’t tell where it originated.  Therefore, sadly, I can’t give proper credit.  I will say, however, that I am very grateful to whomever created this dish!

Most recipes online say that chickpea tofu is not good stir-fried or sautéed like soy tofu, but I…

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Sending a Full Frontal Wave of Love – Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



This powerfully expansive blog echoes my own inner knowing, particularly about the force of our words and intentions that are shaping our world. On Saturday I am leading a group of people into the Vegantopia idyllic realm of my visions as shared by heroine Daisy in my novel “Holy Cow”. I am filled with excitement to be learning back from them what they see, feel, hear and emote whilst in their own paradise garden! It is my knowing that our collective consciousness is shaping everything which comes to occur here on earth. Hence it is our imperative duty to co-create and cultivate love, peace and harmony within our hearts, to overflowing ecstatic ebullience into our lives. These awesome words exist in our language for a reason : that they may be believed and thence made manifest in our lives, sharing and spreading across the globe, cancelling out the dissolving fakeries of fear, lack, conflict and control.

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia,posted March 24, 2014

Each day there is a need for you to venture forth into a higher cellular awareness, entering extensions of your soul that are finally available to you. Extend yourself past the boundaries of all that you can imagine ‘you’ to be. At that point, the edge of your imaginings, is where the true ‘you’ begins. Do not settle for what is.

What you have fleeting about you are energetic trappings of every particle of thought that you have entertained from your very first breath as a human. You psychically align yourself with what is yet to be seen. Energetically you have activated dormant extensions of your soul into a point that no longer grieves what has passed.

Imagine yourself sitting upon a warm sandy beach looking at the waters horizon. At the point that you imagine the ocean has ended per…

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A short update on the energies



A very welcome reminder that ALL is unfolding exactly as it should :) Breathe in Peace, and release <3

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As many of you may have noticed, this ongoing intensifying of energetic upgrading is barely taking a pause these days, and so, you may be apt to think that this time, it will be too much for your hapless body. That is certainly not the case here, for if you manage to dive below that churning surface of energetic chaos, you will find that you are actually growing more resilient and balanced by the day. We know this may be cause for disbelief for many of you, for we are well aware that this round of energetic combustion will have lit a fire under the feet of many an issue that still lingers somewhere in your system. And yes, we do mean that as in issues stemming from earlier lives as well. For this is indeed the most thorough “housecleaning” you will ever have, and as such, this rattling of…

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History & Reach – Plans for 2014



A sterling bloke doing more than most for our beloved fellow Earthlings <3

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At the start of 2012and 2013, I wrote reviewing the year and asking about your ideas for the next. I’m doing this again.

Thanks to listeners like you spreading the word, more people have heard about The Vegan Option and are enjoying its unique combination of animal ethics and quality radio.

I now have one main objective for 2014. I’m going to make an audio history of the idea that it’s wrong to use animals as food. I’m taking a sabbatical to do so. I’m going to run a fundraising campaign. And I’m going to make the radio series so good that people will go back to it for decades.

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