End of the age of excuses, people – responsibility for all your actions / inactions plus tiny window of reparation opening NOW! Don’t miss the last boat away from the eternal flames of self-damnation – this is not religious apocalyptic talk, but the way that which we have been giving out inevitably returns: magnified and multiplied. Even Pinnochio sang about it decades ago : “Always let your conscience be your guide” Trouble is most folks conscience is in OFF / SLEEP mode and they think that by staying within the centre of the sleeple around them they’re playing safe. WRONG!! Somewhere within that shut-down heart beats an incessant empathic conscience – it IS awakening, and it is very much requiring you to RADICAL CHANGE OF HEART. Embrace change with courage, honour and openness – suffering is optional but awareness of the pain you have caused is not…meaning : be empowered by your awakened conscience to evoke change in your own life and thereby inspire it in others, do not waste any more time feeling bad/overwhelmed and doing nothing = being part of the problem! BE THE LOVE that’s all this world needs – joined up, unequivocal, unstoppable force : then peace shall descend gloriously in serene delight into your life and radiate all around.

(I wrote this 11 years ago, on Facebook, and it popped into my memory feed so I’m sharing it here x)

Cancer research campaigner


My conversation in London yesterday after being stopped by a Cancer Research ‘campaigner’ 🙃

Him: “Can you help donate to help us cure cancer?”

Me: “No, but I can tell you some cures….”

Him: “There are currently no cures for cancer.”

Me: “Have you heard of the 1939 cancer act?”

Him: “No”

Me: “Ah, that explains a lot. Well, there are actually a lot of cures for cancer, but scum bags like CRUK work with the government to make people believe that they can’t treat themselves naturally, because cancer is a £300m a year profitable business.”

Him: “That’s not true, we have been actively looking for a cure. CRUK care about people.”

Me: “Oh, is that why CRUK staff pensions are funded by B&H tobacco company? Or how in 20 years they’ve PROFITED over £4bn and still haven’t managed to find a ‘cure’? They get £635m a year in donations and that’s isn’t enough to tell you that there are hundreds of cures? THC, IV vitamin C, Essiac tea, LDN, mistletoe therapy, apricot kernels, vegan and alkaline diets….maybe – all the money isn’t being spent on researching a cure at all, maybe it’s about researching how to CAUSE cancer… maybe it’s going into the pocket of their CEO hence why he’s on Forbes rich list and holds a 4% share in Roche pharmaceuticals which makes $391.63m a year….and nearly all of that is on chemotherapy or cancer drugs.”

“Miss, if you’re not interested you can just walk on.”

Your blood is not safe to use…


I was lying awake, insomniac that I am, at 3am this morning, and the thought occurred to me that some may consider that my belief in and assertion of Vegantopia might be over romanticised idyllicism. As if freedom for all Earthlings could indicate an existence without suffering. No I don’t think that it is possible under current, grossly negatory vibrational density, for any being to enjoy a life of bliss. That is not the goal though is it. The immediate goal is to end the deliberately inflicted abuses and cruelties of animal enslavement. Nirvana for all is a bit further down the road.

It is yet another example of the twisted reasoning used by carnists to discredit, mock and undermine veganism’s efforts towards all species Liberation. From my earliest attempts to articulate my awareness that things were badly wrong in fharming, back in the late 60’s, I have had to endure the ignorant opinions of the elitest human supremacists denying that there was anything abusive about depriving animals of their right to a natural, self governed life. What could be more natural than to be corralled with a bunch of other castrated clones, with nothing else to do than eat slaughterhouse floor sweepings mixed with the discarded plant fibres from corn flakes and porridge held together with molasses. Foodstuff produced in the cheapest way possible, to get rid of the sinews, bones and gristle of previous occupants of the meat, dairy and egg prison systems.

How inconvenient that only 50% of the live body weight of creatures is palatable to humans. Of course it was clever to mulch up the byproducts and feed it back into the system. There’s only so much blood pudding humans can be induced to eat, so it was discovered to be a usefully proteinatious milk substitute for calves whose real food was stolen to put in tea. What could possibly go wrong in feeding obligate herbivores on the dead bodies of their own kind? CJD for one thing. My brother and his wife were regular blood donors before emigrating to Australia. CJD is known to be so ubiquitous an infection amongst Brits that their blood is too dangerous to be accepted. Have I not been saying for years that what we label as early onset Alzheimers / dementia and other terms for rampant brain mushing is disguised CJD?

When I had my hip replacement surgery I said I’d be willing to have a recycled artificial hip joint. Both because I’m a deep greeny and also because the earlier models used titanium and were well nigh indestructible. Nowadays titanium has been discarded and plastic is used instead. “Oh we don’t re-use hip joints”, I was told. “Well you used to didn’t you, because they cost so much it was a waste to throw them away when their first host passed away?” “Well yes, but then it was discovered that CJD prions lodge in the depths of our joints, so the practise was abandoned and cheaper components used”. Direct quote from my orthopaedic surgeon.

Have you noticed there’s mention of CJD on a lot of medical forms now? And we’re asked a lot to declare if we’ve been around farm animals recently. Mark my words its a hidden epidemic being concealed because there’s no way to kill it. Zombie apocalypse preparedness involves mass internment camps followed by mass graves. But giving up our MAD (MeatAndDairy) addictions is too extreme and controversial a step to consider??

Current Sensation


Even though we have been preparing for these times our whole lives,

Still the somatic shock is reverberating within each cell of being,

In echo of that chime of time passed,

Futures coalescing,

Opportunity crushed up against perpetuity.

The final 3 pieces of a multidimensional, trans-lifetime puzzle,

Held in the palm of humanity’s hands.

The pause,

Here, now,

Before leaning in, and placing them,

Slowly, deliberately, mindfully into place.

Aware that they are a final act,

A last commentary,

A terminal contribution.

Then comes :The relief of not having to struggle to remain

The grief of not being permitted to witness the closing scenes

Versus the sweet softness of a lost loved one’s lips On a forehead,

Pressing out the last exhalation

As they scoop our liberated spirit up to infinity

Imaginal dissolution


How difficult it is being a creature of light and love

in a world of maggots scrabbling to consume the decaying flesh of others.

I focus instead on their transmogrification potential, and inspire them to pupate.

Our collective challenge and opportunity is to surrender the illusions that keep us cocooned in assumptions and limitations.

And, like the caterpillar, dissolve into our imaginal selves and redefine the world:

envisioning a future that welcomes the butterfly.

Splitting hairs about speciesism


There's an Elephant in the Room blog

A post that I shared earlier described how a young deer named Pala, cared for on a sanctuary, had been shot and killed by a neighbour who was hunting. In the same way that I am not empowered to excuse exploitation and killing on behalf of any single one of the trillions of annual victims of our species, I am not about to excuse what he did.

I also read a post yesterday about a young steer befriended by a vegan animal rights activist from a neighbouring property. For a year she tried to save his life but the human who ‘owned‘ him firmly refused to allow her to rescue the steer who was called Frank. He was slaughtered to be eaten. The posts about Frank were met with much sadness.

On my post about Pala, the vitriol was shocking; calling the hunter a psychopath, blaming gun laws…

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Interlocking freedoms


Ask yourself : how could I really be free whilst so many others remain in chains?
Then tell yourself it is your duty to self liberate in order to demonstrate this quality to others, and thereby enable them to assist the release of the whole suffering world, one life at a time, starting with the heart nearest to them.
Reflect upon the interconnectiveness of systemic oppression, repression and expression, look for evidences of these looping dynamisms, without attachment or fear, and see them in the mirrors around you.

The realisation that my freedom is intimately tied to yours is a kind of liberation, Dom’t you think?
In the same way that pre vegans view our choice as limiting their freedom, then experience an overwhelm of understanding that it is the first step of true liberation, shared and multiplied
is the joy of no longer : being compassionate yet doing harm
is the gift of love returning to its source
is the miracle of unity consciousness



IF it was vegan practices causing pandemics, antibiotic resistance, species extinction and environmental destruction there would be such an uproar and demands to stop us. BUT because it is the carnistic masses doing these things nobody dares look at the elephant in the room = animal eating that drives such deadly diseases, toxic pollution, land degradation and water wastage leading to desertification and runaway climate change.