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be love



Seeing a glimpse of His pure Love in the innocent trusting face of a newborn baby, of whatever species, is an inestimable privilege capable of lifting us, should we be open to the experience, above the dualistic polarised world of judgement and separation. There is no I and thou, there simply and purely is love being shown, love sparkling through, like sunlight on water………
God shows Himself through such as these sweet helpless innocents. Their appeal to the tenderness in our hearts is God’s appeal to the sweet spot within each of our hearts wherein He resides.
The High Heart is God’s base camp, if you will.
The High Heart is that inner place which never moves.
The High Heart is the unflickering flame of Truth.

Here is the eye of the needle which pierces the illusion of time and place – for in this space within space is the still point of all turning worlds.
This is where true lovers come to be One
Feel that as an eternal memory engram, resonant with reality
the rest is delusional process
the waist of time cinched into stifle creativity
forget who anyone ever told you you were : shake off that projection and be here now
eternally free
exponentially expansive
utterly in allowance of your perfection
it does not matter how you came to be here any more, does it?
The only important thing is authenticity – purpose : LOVE : yes?
The only thing you may take with you when you leave this 3D realm is the love you have given, freely, for no reason, to any other.
That which you have witheld from an other shall be witheld from you.
That which you have stolen from another shall be missing in you
But be not afraid, sweet child of Light, for in an instant all wrongs will be undone, all errors erased, every tear vanished – in an instant!
Every seeming mistake will be righted, it is never too late! In each Holy Instant arises a fresh opportunity to rewrite the script of your life, recalibrate the scales of your behaviour, and redress the balance of your view. It does not matter that harm has happened. Harm can be healed, harm shall be healed miraculously immediately completely and permanently – yes it can! – seek not to know how or why : that is God’s business 🙂
Simply shake off the dust of distrust, offer up the guilt, expose the secrets that were never hidden anyway, come into a sacred spot of forgiveness of self, other, all…………
Everybody wants to feel beautiful, loved, cherished, fulfilled,
Everyone seeks to be validated
To feel that, to be that, just sit in the Sweet Spot
Right there in your High Heart – can’t fail to find it, its right there in the middle, waiting to be noticed!
Even if there was no safe place in your childhood
Even if there was no love from your carers
Even if you gave away what passed for purity in your struggle to be what others told you you ought to be, needed to be, to survive.
Even if you blame yourself for everything, and can find no way to ever forgive.
Still there resides always and forever this place of power you have avoided out of fear
What if I abuse my power? What if I screw up? What if I fail? What if it’s not real?
Little ego bleats and frets, big ego struts and postures – STOP THAT!
Come for one holy instant
just give me one
of silent stillness
become silent
become still
monkey mind chatters away, making its lists, tallying up its woes and dues
leave it outside
come on in
to the sweetest
most precious
pristine place
and be
be peace
be without de fence
be love
be compassion
be harmless
be present
be love
that is all
that is all in all
everything else is less than all
everything else is the absence of all
Beyond wrong
Beyond right
there is only
love is all you need
love is all you ever wanted
love is the only real thing
you know
you feel it
you came from love
you are returning to love
be love
give love
radiate love
receive love
share love
wear love
show love
all is well
all is love


every meal is an opportunity for Peace


Albert Einstein, one of the greatest thinkers and problem solvers of all time, wrote in 1930 to Vegetarian Watchtower :

“It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effects on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.”
Einstein of course was a veggie himself, and he realised the connection between what we eat and how we behave. Consuming trauma, terror, and death both adds to and stimulates release of aggressive hormones, as well as de-sensitising people, cloaking their inherent compassion and creating selective caring which is “Why we love dogs, eat pigs, and wear cows” to quote the title of Melanie Joy’s excellent book.

Man is at last being forced to behold the disconnect between his words and his deeds, to admit to the habits and choices made by us or on our behalf that have brutalised our world and decimated the planet. An awakening conscience and deepening awareness can be very painful to face, and it is the duty of those of us who have been awake and agents of change longer, to help mentor, support, encourage and champion the empathy of our brothers and sisters. Gaining willingness to adapt is a wonderful thing, but unless it is followed through to become permanent change it is worse than useless. I am always meeting people during my vegan outreach who tell me they used to be veg*n but for whatever lame excuse gave up. The most sad recent example was a lady on a walking pilgrimage with me who claimed that her young son did not like lentils so she had resorted to feeding him fish fingers, and because she hated waste she had started eating the leftovers, and thereby fallen off the wagon. I hope I managed not to show the pain I felt for her copping out on her motherly responsibility, let alone as a person who had “got it” and turned veggie only to somehow “forget” again. I was loving, and full of positive ideas to help her, offering dozens of alternative meal ideas, but she couldn’t wait to escape. I had touched upon her cognitive dissonance and moral incongruence without saying a judgemental word.

A meat diet is a squandrous waste of precious scarce resources ; a waste of land which could be growing plants as direct food for starving humanity, a waste of water, and even a waste of antibiotics. 70% of all grain grown goes to feed animals, and 30% of the world’s land is used to “grow” animals. A cow drinks 30 gallons of water a day and many rivers are completely contaminated by industrial farm waste. It takes more than 5,000 gallons of water to produce 1lb of beef (Worldwatch Institute). In 2009 the F.D.A. in America reported that 29 million lbs of antibiotics were used for meat production. Old growth irreplaceable forests are being destroyed, along with the ecosystems they supported, just to grow soya and grain to export because of the escalating demand for meat. This causes desertification as well as displacement of indigenous peoples, starvation and increasing famine.

Enough statistics for one blog, no? Enough reasons to turn vegan, yes? And I haven’t even started on what to me is the most vital reason to stop supporting the MAD (meat and dairy) industries – which is the spiritual dimension. I shall address this, and the topic of world peace and its inseparable connection with gentleness to all life, in another blog. Suffice it to say that mankind killed a million of his own kind in various wars and other murderous acts last year alone, and the massive costs of “defence” would have fed all the world’s hungry and educated all the world’s poor many times over if we were not convinced of the need to kill one another! Violence breeds violence, and consuming violence incites this tendency. Allow yourself to think on these things, check out independent (i.e. not processed food corporation “facts” and skewed MAD lobbyist statistics), watch actual footage of what really happens in order to bring these things to your dinner table such as “Earthlings” (free on youtube). I thank you for giving your time to read this, and urge you to follow through the promptings of Spirit and conscience which led you to read it.
Blessings and Love.

Canine friends and their meals


          What a lovely Sunday 🙂  Glorious autumn colours and sweeping vistas in Arundel
Park after seraphic singing in the cathedral. Now home with tea in
hand and Begossy eating in the kitchen. He was a bit naughty in the
park – found a dead half-eaten rabbit and started chowing down on
it, then someone else with a dog came along so Begoss picked up the
corpse and pelted down the hill with it; it’s ears flopping down from
one side of his mouth and its mangled body hanging out of the other
side. These folks also had a puppy with them which raced after him
but got roundly told off by himself, which luckily gave me the
opportunity to grab him and put him on the lead. An hour or so later
as we were walking back around that way, another dog was running
along with a rabbit in its mouth, so I put Begoss on the lead again.
This dog was a 3 legged greyhound, moving astonishingly well and
sufficiently agile to have pounced on this rabbit and presumably
broken its neck in that swift accurate way greyhounds have. The only
dogs that trouble Begoss are greyhounds because he too closely
resembles a rabbit; same size and same grey colour. He can outrun /
outmanoeuvre just about every other dog, but has had a couple of
close run-ins with greyhounds – oh and not wishing to be racist but
those ridgebacks and large hounds can be quick nip and shake
merchants too. Nevertheless I never pick him up or react ahead of
time, and so far he has managed to fend for himself pretty well.

            I have never before had a canine companion who was even remotely interested
in dead creatures, but Begoss loves to roll in well rotted ones as
well as to eat anything not quite putrid 😦  I realised when he was
tiny that he was not a willing vegan: had tried him on all sorts of
foods as well as every commercially available vegan dog food. He
doesn’t like rice, other grains or cereals much at all, nor soya,
whereas when he’s at my friend’s house and gets cheese he’s a very
happy boy. The lady who runs thecoffee and  butty stall at Angmering
station always saves some bacon for him as she feels sorry for the
“poor deprived little dog”. My perspective is if he has found it
or been gifted with it that’s ok, but I cannot stretch my morals to
buying meat for him. Luckily he does like peas and beans, as well as
well cooked carrots and the stalky bit of brassicas, and bread (but
not wholemeal); so with a bit of wheatgerm and yeast flakes, and
mashed up nut roast mixed in, and some good oils, and some veggiepet
he keeps very healthy and extremely active. He won’t touch fruit at
all, in contrast to the chow  I had 25 years ago who adored all sorts
of fruit. She was very bear-like in appearance too, and never would
even look at meat, much to my Mum’s astonishment. Mum took it upon
herself to find something carnivorous that Sushi would eat, but to no
avail. I was deeply gratified!

Most days Begoss and me are out for at least 2 hours, with me walking 5 to 10
miles and him off the lead and running as much as possible. In
contrast Sushi did not relish the thought of walking much, especially
in wet weather, which shows how very different dogs can be. 35 years
ago I shared my life with an Old English mastiff called Nancye, who
was as gentle as a dove, and never ate meat . Indeed Begoss is both
the smallest, the most feisty, and the most carnivorous dog I have
ever lived with. Nancye was so fit and slim that I was frequently
asked if she was a Great Dane. We used to go out running together,
sometimes for 6 miles or more, and  I was careful to keep her from
getting fat, because these giant breeds usually die young from heart failure. I did not in those days
feel it was fair to make her vegan, nor know how it might affect so
huge a dog, so she had cheese on toast, or eggie bread a couple of
times a week. I often spent more time cooking for her than for

When my daughter Iona was small, we had a giant schnauzer named Sophie who
was lovely, but who got separation anxiety every day when I went to work.
I would come home to chewed doorknobs and carpets; she even used to
knock the plants off the windowsills and rip them out of their pots.
Iona  loved her but had wanted a little lapdog for ages, and chose a
pug as her favourite cute choice. I hoped that a small companion would keep Sophie happier too. Lily was the first pug : we ended up with 4 of them eventually, which were uncharacteristically
fit too, as I used to route march them everywhere because I was
getting fit enough to walk the Inca Trail. They never ate meat but at
that time we had an assortment of rescued  birds including 2
liberated Christmas geese, a turkey, 4 drakes and several ex-battery
chickens. Being vegan the eggs were a problem – I tried to leave
each hen a pile of her own eggs hoping to stop the incessant laying,
but these poor modern breeds are specifically bred to produce a
ludicrous number of eggs in a short lifetime, so inevitably we were
inundated with eggs. So, the pugs did sometimes have eggs mixed with
their vegan food, except during winter months when the laying
thankfully stopped. Commercial egg producers use various cruel
tactics to prolong the laying, such as forced moulting brought on by
several days of starvation, and artificial lights. A vegetarian
friend of mine, affectionately known as “Jen the hen” had a
traditional breed of chicken who lived to be 15 years old, whereas
these modern ones usually die of exhaustion by the age of 2 or 3, if
prolapse doesn’t get them first.

All of this writing about food, plus the lovely walk in crisp autumn air, has
given me an appetite so I’m off to the kitchen ……..broccoli with
seed cheese methinks, plus whatever veggies need eating. And that pineapple is not going to get any riper – isn’t this time of year grim for frugivores?  Must get
round to digging up my little blue potato patch before the first
frosts lock them into the ground. Enjoy your own dinner and please
please make it cruelty free xxxxxxxxxxx

Love and above


Love and above………..
My experience yesterday in the throne room has led me to desire to share the understanding with whomever is led to receive it :

The toilet upon which I sat, being connected via waterways with Earth and considering the flow properties of water, was naturally a great portal in and of itself! Meaning that the act of voluntary release of imposed control over my bodily processes required to do what you sit there for, both symbolised and actualised the process of letting go and the freedom from constriction that allows. Yes? So, consciously using the opportunity to simultaneously drop and allow to fall away from me some less than material baggage I had been bottling up – psycho-emotional stuff – there I sat sitting 🙂

“Love or above” implies that only those thoughts /feelings /realities which resonate at the vibration of love or above (such as joy, compassion, peace) are permitted to rise up whilst everything below love, all the fear and anger, judgement etc. get flushed down the pan! Try it! It works for me anyway 😉 Let me to describe the process:

So, yesterday there I was on the po doing this, when this portal opened above my head – like an extension of my crown chakra if you like…..
so what follows is part of my unposted yesterday blog:

Right then, here I sit fully awake(?) and ascribble whilst outside the sun shines and beckons. But no, I never allow myself out till I’ve completed my homework, do I? Unless I do. Meanwhile, a trip to the toilet proved most fruitful! Allow me to elaborate:

Atop the throne I contemplated the pre-conditioned state of babyhood, where the crown of the head was still open and the strictures of control over releasing processes like weeing and defecating had yet to be imposed. Similar shutdown processes are exerted upon the emotional body also in the form of suppressed crying, disallowing angry outbursts and so on. Anyway I was considering the freedom from self control allowed by throne sitting and the ramifications of this, which somehow led me into a state of womb-dwelling security. As in, prior to the physicality of cold, hunger, discomfort, abandonment etc which afflict all babies once they get outside the confines of their mother’s womb.
Then I thought about the birthing process and of how the waters had to be induced to break or release to begin the journey down the canal, and how this is initiated by the baby, not the mother. The concept of ”barrier” presented itself, and I examined it – arriving at the image of a teeming mass of sperm each scrambling and thrashing their tails in order to be the first to impregnate the awaiting ovum. The membrane surrounding the egg could not be a real barrier – it must actually be the reverse, because it wants the sperm to penetrate it as easily and rapidly as possible, no? So this concept of barrier / gateway / portal showed itself to me as actually a facilitating doorway, like an archway through to a secret garden – not a barrier; more an invitation! An invitation to pass through and out from a limited space to a more expanded place………..

And in that instant I became aware of the invitation above the crown of my head to simply allow my conscious self to rise up through it effortlessly and joyfully to that which resides beyond. All the while feeling the need to drag my thinking mind along for the ride so that she would be enabled to return and share the experience with others such as you, dear reader 😉

Once out there in spaciousness the question “where shall we travel to?” arose. Not from “me” who was perfectly content to simply rest/float there and enjoy the freedom from constriction. OK then, for demonstration purposes, I shall visit my Mum in her garden which is where I last saw her 4 days after she passed over. The garden was there but she had moved on, or maybe was out visiting herself, or was there in less tangible a form perhaps, as in morphed into a tree experience? Anyway then it was off to see Dad which only partially worked as well – meaning that in order for it to really work I would have needed to use my imagination somewhat i.e. help the image along, which seemed ridiculous : my parents had merely utilised these “gardens” as an acceptable way of showing me they were safe, well, and happy on the other side, because of course they have no need of gardens or physical forms or any such imagery any longer!

So off I set exploring the vastness, and noticed a busyness around the portal similar to the buzzing crowds congregating around a train station or an airport. This made me smile, and move away from the throng somewhat, and the idea of visiting for soul retrieval purposes known aspects of myself / pastlife selves. So I did that for a while till it felt a bit pointless and silly as we are all one united isness anyway of course. Then I thought to ask where my next focus of concentration would be and arrived instantly in the roof area of a truly huge open topped theatre of countless layers, packed with multitudes of souls in various forms who presumably had showed up for a similar reason as me. Below was a stage and we were clearly both awaiting and participating in the show. A closer look at the stage revealed it to be the whole world right there in the middle of this vast amphitheatre in space somewhere. Obviously we the audience were taking time out to view the drama from a higher perspective whilst simultaneously participating in those dramas in all the intricate ways and relationships that humans do. It reminded me of the time I went to see the Dalai Lama speak / teach in London, but no sooner had I taken my seat, become aware of his massive auric presence entering the building, then a while later seeing his body appear on stage, than I was afflicted by a massive grip of vertigo-nausea which held me immobile on the very verge of vomiting should I dare to move a muscle. I could neither move nor hear his words for the whole duration of the talk. The grip released as instantaneously as it had started , the minute he stopped speaking, and I was allowed to hear the short exchange of questions people had passed up to him; the one I remember, being about his support of vegetarianism, and reluctant admission that he was not one.

Anyway, back upstairs here on the toilet, I thought to ask to see God, and called softly to Jesus. Immediately lots of heads swivelled round to see who the idiot newcomer was who clearly had forgotten that Jesus is within my heart and not out there somewhere! Yes I know but I want to see you in all your ascended glory please! Aaah how gratifyingly beautiful was the Presence shining before me, arrayed by the form of his Blessed earthly, now heavenly, Mother! Simultaneously images of them as at the incarnation, Mary with baby Jesus in her arms, and so on superimposed themselves upon the first impression. The implication to me now is the simultaneity of all events which we here in 3D land string out into linearity, in order the better to savour them, or compartmentalise them, or whatever the real reason is. All that is changing as we move into conscious awareness of our 5th dimensionality / multidimensionality. Fantastico, no?

Personal family and the extended family of Earthlings


I am just wondering if the planned obsolescence rife in our consumerist contemporary world might potentially have a positive side? Meaning that the more quickly resources wear out and are dumped the quicker we shall be forced to live without them . Kind of a backwards thinking along the lines of “I have this box of chocolates which is haunting me, so if I scoff the lot as fast as possible they won’t be tempting and tormenting me and I can return to being my usual non-chocolate eating self”. That’s a trivial example, but expanding energetically – there is an aspect of me which has always been in dislike / aversion of old stuff, and in scorn of the reverential attitude people have towards antiques. Or their extreme attachment to their own personal material possessions. These attitudes promulgate selfish, divisive, and entitlement processes which separate humanity into the haves and the have nots. I was stunned by the extreme lack of possessions in the rented bedsit my father lived in – when he died it only took my brother and I a couple of hours to clear everything out. He had a small box of cherished tapes and a cheap tape player, a few house plants, 3 changes of clothing, and the most basic of toiletries imaginable. His bible, prayer book and rosary and a handful of family photos completed the collection. There was one box of official papers including passport and car documents (his one luxury was his little car). I am still in awe of Dad’s lightness of tread upon the planet – in his last years he told me he made a stew of vegetables and soya mince which lasted 3 days, his other daily meal being wholemeal bread. He had been a Cistercian monk for 13 years from childhood and the inherent frugality clearly endured throughout his life. Not that he didn’t thoroughly enjoy other things! Like his father before him he was vegetarian when alone and never bought meat or fish, but would politely accept any food offered to him whilst among other people, and totally relished fine food and drink. My grandfather was a Staffordshire coal miner and was known for his immense physical strength, and for working all day down the mines on dried fruit and nuts. Sadly he died before I was born, and indeed I had never been told these stories about him until after I went vegan at the age of 16. Had such information been shared with me I doubtless would have given up animal products at a much earlier age – in truth I did not encounter the possibility of living without exploiting other creatures until the 60’s hippy era raised public consciousness. Even so for me it was a matter of : even if it costs me my health and shortens my own life I will still refuse to take the equally precious irreplaceable life
of any other.

Back to the materiality issue, it sounds like playing devil’s advocate to say lets just use everything up now and get it over with! Then perhaps we will be able to move into the desired realm of real values and genuine sharing. In a similar way there is a part of me thinking let’s just take the mad cow and all the other animal-associated infections plagues and diseases that keep appearing, whether from natural or deliberately engineered causes, to their ultimate conclusion and get that over with too. Sounds a tad too radical and extreme of course, but sadly my experience of human nature is that we will not surrender anything in our hot heavy grasp until forced to……. even though it may be killing us and poisoning our planet and causing untold misery to others. My 40 years as a vegan activist demonstrate this only too coldly………. so many good kind people, some of them friends, who drop the familiar mental emotional portcullis when I hand out leaflets or raise the thorny issue of humanity’s inhumane abuse, enslavement, torture, and murder of increasing billions of fellow earthlings. Cognitive dissonance and denial. And Fear : the real “f” word….

The film “Earthlings” available to watch free on youtube now, is the best most comprehensive portrayal of the myriad ways this abuse manifests – from entertainment, to clothing, the pet trade, sport, and of course, food. This film ought to be required education for every person on the planet : only then could we make genuinely informed choices. The greatest book I could ever recommend is the paradigm breaking “World Peace Diet” by Dr. Will Tuttle : awesome awesome words and the most piercing understanding of the origin and perpetuation of collective human suffering I have ever read. And all without the anger or moral outrage one finds in lesser tomes. It is more than sufficient to calmly lay out the truth of what is really going on here in today’s complex systems, and allow individuals to join their hearts to their heads and decide electively to change their habits allegiances and values. Carnists often throw the accusation at vegans that we are trying to force our eating practices down their throats. They demand their right to continue the habits which are costing not just deliberately-bred animal lives, but the very sustainability of the planet ALL life depends upon! How can that be a personal choice? How can such a destructive dangerous practise be allowed to continue unchecked? It is about way more than the ethics of domination, the politics of power, or the spirituality of sacredness. I would like nothing better than to climb off my soapbox for the last time and get on with living a beautiful personal life! Don’t you think? But my conscience and empathy simply cannot facilitate that. I vowed to be a voice to the voiceless innocents of every species, including my own, and that is turning out to be a lifelong endeavour.

tremendous trembling of a leaf


Does a leaf truly
tremble in the breeze?

Can a rock really
endure the centuries without sleeping?

I was
born with exquisite connection to and awareness of the living
consciousness of everything, yet was lied to, laughed at, crushed and
ostracised from my very first moment to this day. Even though now a
proportion of humanity is awakening to the sentience and capacity for
terror and agony of their fellow creatures, and even fewer of us are
eating vegan, fewer still living gently and harmoniously with each
other i.e. being love in action, acting from compassionate allowance,
being harmless guardians of our living breathing conscious utterly
vivific and awake planet.


at for championing animals, vilified for being their voice, rejected
for my extremism and unrealistic expectations of my fellow humans to
be the peace they all say they want……..whilst using, exploiting,
enslaving and imprisoning the essence and spirit and mind as well as
the bodies and lives of each other. Hoarding, grabbing and stealing
resources which should often never have been ripped from the bowels
of the earth, let alone tampered with to make weapons of total
annihilation. All resources were intended for all equally –
including the rights of every creature, every plant and every sacred
rock. Unrealistic I am told, with 7 billion mouths to feed! Yet the
carnage continues, the polluting water burden of animal agriculture
increases not lessens.


Today few
are standing up for the innocents who are tortured and butchered
unnecessarily and so very destructively. In my early activism days I
was operating from intuitive empathy. Then the spiritual
understanding about each and every creature’s awesome Beingness –
so very far advanced of humanity in their ethics and innate reverence
for Earth. Leaving only pawprints, taking only daily needs,
destroying nothing, living in harmonious balance in unison with
teeming multitudes of diverse Others. Man with his exalted stupidity
has spoiled poisoned raped and pillaged, murdered and destroyed
everything his eye fell upon and his hand could grasp – including
his own brothers and sisters, until the whole weeping world screams
in agony.


So please
listen carefully and believe a Seer, follow a Wayshower like me who
tells you in all humble truth that rocks are alive and leaves are
aware! Gasp in awe at the sacred sentience of every natural thing
around you. Only then shall we purify, re-sacralise and revere : only
by Being Love shall we Become Peace. And we shall in the twinkling of
an eye transform everything! Ask not how, for our current puny mind
could never fathom the sacred mystery which has been patiently
awaiting our notice. Only Love is Real – the rest does not matter
and will transform instantly in the holy instant humanity ceases to
defend self and seeks to join with apparent other………for we are
One and splendidly fearfully multidimensionally eternal! Offer your
ego to this service and you will see that it is the opposite of
sacrifice – but until ego is surrendered the madness will continue
for you, in you and through you.


Trust me –
I am not a healer or a teacher, neither a lawyer nor a priest, I am a
voice in the wilderness speaking into your heart this day, and I love
you. Believe this, accept this, come into allowance of this, and all
will be well. In the infinity of life where we are now all is perfect
,whole and complete. Ignore the world of appearances and hold only to
the Truth of Unconditional Love. For me this is most perfectly
expressed through and as the Divine Feminine exemplified as Blessed
Mother of all. She mediates with the Heavenly Father principle and
balances the Divine Yin if you cannot tolerate the abused g word.  If
it helps you to resonate as an individual spark of Divinity and
agnostically accept no higher authority fine – be the highest most
beautiful and exalted expansion you can conceive of – my God is not
superior to your Enlightened Self’s reverentiality because names are
irrelevant – it’s honouring, respecting and sharing our
multiplicity of diversified understandings which counts. Alone yet
all one : the power of paradox emerges. Real eyes realise real lies :
meaning the instant we see through every deception all veils drop and
our true nature shines forth for all to witness. Be authentic, be
coherent, be joined-up heart and mind, be beyond fear’s fake control.
You are a Sovereign Being turning to confront and embrace your
totality – shadow and all. Hi there!