On a good day it can be tempting to imagine that humanity has been evolving continuously, from caveman violence and belligerence, towards some measure of cooperative mutual care. If we look at the surface evidence, then, it may be considered progressive that we no longer see superstition appeased by human sacrifice, or the enslavement of some for the social ease of others. Where these still surface, the social media rightly express outrage, yet beneath the superficial apparencies, is it not business as usual for the mighty is right brigade? When conquest and control are the unvoiced mission statement of government, and genocide is the primary means of acquiring land or resources, an evolving morality is difficult to substantiate. Admittedly, in the past, torture and mutilation were employed as routine punishments, but how are we to quantify the psycho-emotional suffering of the mass medication now endemically perpetrated upon all sectors of society? Young children dumbed down to keep them quiet, babies compulsorily vaccinated with seriously questionable substances, and food and water supplies deliberately contaminated with deadly chemicals. So called education has long been used to brainwash and quell the independent thoughts and actions of youth, but now the numbing down process is topped up by a broadcast barrage of mind controlling television.

Theoretically we no longer condone the death penalty to resolve differences of opinion, or the employment of assassination to facilitate the speed of political succession. Neither do we sanction rape and pillage as the fruits of war, or pogroms as outlets for frustration. Yet not far beneath the itchy skin of society extreme violence is not only sanctioned but actively supported. What could be more violent than deliberately killing others in massive numbers in order to satisfy bloodlust? What other name can describe the incarceration and execution of 58 billion fellow earth dwellers every year, utterly unnecessarily? It is provenly not merely possible, but actively beneficial to human health, to abstain from all animal-derived food. The adoption of plant-only nutrition would do more to solve the most pressing problems afflicting the world, than all other measures possibly could put together. More critically than this, the transformative effect of giving up violence as a means of sustenance would be exponential freedom. Liberating creatures from oppression, terror, unnatural existence and untimely death would miraculously confer upon humanity the true mantle of genuine guardianship which we have never even tried on, yet alone allowed ourselves to grow into. Then, and not before, shall we experience an acceleration of evolution hitherto incomprehensible to us. From one single but all powerful decision, people would become worthy of the title humane.

Imagine a cessation of our current habit of conflict resolution predicated upon homicide. Contemplate a gentle world where overt cruelty is surpassed in every realm, from entertainment and clothing, to social celebration. The ushering in of a brave and bright new paradigm predicated upon harmlessness. When defence, as a tactic necessarily requiring the threat of offence, is transcended. It is time to stop the habit of concealing our blood-fuelled belligerence; to cease condemning its effects; and to simply surrender predation as a means to anything good. For how can consuming suffering and trauma (meat and dairy) ever possibly yield true joy and love? Only by switching off the addiction to force and fear: by adopting an elevated life-enhancing diet of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, shall we discover our true potential.

Currently it is estimated that 1% of the world’s population is vegan. Notions of the critical mass theory which predisposes paradigm transcendence vary. From a spiritual perspective, due to the vastly higher vibration of Pure plant nutrition and of pacifism as a practice, we are merely one breath, one thought, and one decision away from the peaceable kingdom we all shall inherit when we collectively join up our hearts and heads.


With Loving Intention, by the Law of Resonance, a seemingly tiny percentage may be sufficient to effectively influence the rest……….. Love anywhere in the sea of consciousness which is humanity lights up the entire field. I recall the moment when it suddenly came to me, in meditation, that the work which all the contemplatives, monks and nuns, and dedicated selfless pray-ers send out constantly is in a very real sense keeping the balance. The balance between good and evil; not just in the world as a whole, but the force of love relentlessly shining forth has an influence at a local level too. It was clear to me that this irreducible ineffable power is like another atmosphere pervading everything, sustaining life and supporting joy. Even in times and places of immense darkness and suffering.

One of my favourite quotes, simplified, says : “Happiness is when what you think, say, and do, are the same”. Happiness is what we inherit when we collectively choose to join up our ideals with our actions. In my outreach I do not meet with anyone who knowingly and deliberately would choose harm over kindness; indeed everyone I ever speak to considers compassion to be the highest ethic. They just have difficulty in the practical details of living out their ideals. They seem to be waiting for everyone else to walk their talk first. The most pernicious sentiment is the notion of “necessary evil” ; people have been hoodwinked into accepting practices so abominably wrong they cannot bear to examine what they have signed up to. Yet all that we need to do is admit that we have been living from sub-optimal behaviours, due to habit and indoctrination – to awaken to the truth of exactly what our food and agricultural choices have cost, both us and the earth. Then en mass we could walk through the gates back into paradise where nobody ever has to live in fear again. This is not impossibly idealistic, it is the only portal through which earth may sustainably survive, and life may thrive. Some of us have been holding the door open for a long time for the slumberers, patiently enduring empathically the agony of this inevitable process. Many have already passed through, having sown the seeds of their own contribution for others like me to share. It is my own personal understanding that there will be exactly enough time left to allow in everybody who is genuinely and authentically humankind. Upon this belief I rest my hope and place my trust. Peace begins on your dinner plate, it dwells within each of us, and it is an entire group decision. Swords into ploughshares! Demonstrate your values with your fork, not a knife 🙂 Be kind and gentle – think about who you eat, then decide that a learned liking for the temporary taste of seared flesh is simply not who you really are. Thank you, from my heart to your heart

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