Today whilst walking I felt to be asked a question, which was:
“If you were suddenly through and finished with the life purpose you have been pursuing, and found yourself in the perfect world you have been attempting to co-create by pushing your vegan values, what would you feel free to do?”:
Wow, feel as if, huh? Sort of like act as if only better? Beautiful, ok then I would instantly feel to lay my burden down – that which I have been carrying as necessary to force me to remember who I am and what I came to do. I would disburdren myself instantly.
“ Great”, came the response, “and what would that look like, that grab bag or napsack? Clearly it would be a capacious sack, ever expandable, a bit like Mary Poppins”
“Yes, it is!” I exclaimed , laughingly.
“ Fantastic! Now what would you feel to do?”
“ I would feel it was time to unpack the bag of stuff I had felt the need to carry for so very long, as I would never need to carry it around anywhere ever again.”
“ Fabulous. ok And what would be the very first thing to be lifted out of the bag? Don’t think about it just reach right in there.”
“ Easy, out comes a chalice, which rationality tells me is the holy Grail.”
“ Wow, brilliant, okay set it down, and reach in again, what is next?”
“ Next is a bed! I guess that’s telling me that I was taught to place highest priority upon where I would lay my head each night, so this was a biggie to tote about all my life.”
“Aha! Just so. Now reach in a third time and tell me what is there……..”
“ Oh here is water, and food: provisions for daily sustenance. Very practical!”
“ OK fabuloso. Last time now, reaching in there………..”
Out comes a notebook and pen………..”Aha, so communicating had always been right up there with basic survival as priority in my life then?”
“ Yep, seems so.”
“ Right, thank you for that!”
“ How does it feel to no longer have to cart all of that around with you? To know that all your needs are fully met Providentially, and to acknowledge that you have not been living as if you knew that, even though it is one of your foundational affirmations:”All my needs are met before I even ask”
“It feels unbelievably wonderful! Free and light and potent. I love being on this side of the divide!”
“ Excellent, enjoy and get used to it, for this is your new limitless way of being. Take it easy and be gentle and everything is unfolding perfectly. Perfection is something you will have to get accustomed to!”
“Amen to that, and halelluia! “

OK that was written / experienced yesterday, but today I have an old friend returned to goad me : none other than the gribble which used to inhabit my left shoulder, deep in the middle of the shoulder – the epicentre of my shoulder is where this pesky annoying little point of discomfort was found to be for many long years, but which has been gone for the past few years : since I laid my scalpel down in fact. SO why would this gribe return now, immediately after I am led to lay my heavy rucksack down? One might imagine that I had not in fact succeeded in permanently and completely removing said burden bag. Or else perchance that this olde gribble has returned to remind me that “Shoulders are meant to carry joy not burdens” (another frequently intoned affirmation of mine, usually trotted out when friends express a shoulder pain)
A more optimistic explanation might be that the sudden unexpected and delightful disburdenment has caused a very small very temporary recoil of shoulder musculature which shall vanish just as rapidly.

Someone on a recon site said that even though we be through into 5D things appear almost identical because 5D contains 3D………and the way to tell the difference is the expansiveness, plus the intense focus required to string a sentence together……….oh thats alright then, cos this morning I was in the middle of telling someone at yoga about the fully open dandelion flower I had seen, but no word came out when I reached for the name given to describe that yellow flower………..rather embarrassingly I said the flower that is yellow but not a sunflower nor that shiny wild one…………… it just me or are people looking at me strangely these days? I have to try to do a quick check to see if I’m committing some social faux pas such as forgetting to wear a visibly vital item of clothing, or have I not brushed my hair, or am I perhaps still in dreamland……….it becomes less and less easy to distinguish. So too with the thoughts I “hear” and occasionally respond audibly to which the other person has not actually vocalised yet – oops! Strange days indeed, though not unpleasant if I remember not to be so blinking serious. Live in joy, indeedy xxxxxxxxxxxx

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