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Recent Jesus messages



Precious daughter at last you are ready to hear me! That brings great joy to heaven – hallelluiah! You have only to receive that is your greatest function – to receive the LOVE OF GOD and be so filled up with it that it must burst forth from you and radiate out in every direction – aaah light effulgent and love eternal are you now
this is your steady state as I assured you yesterday – you have successfully shed detached from and overthrown almost every one of the myriad negators which we allowed to assail you in order that you have true clarity and genuine empathy………..the dream of Andy last night was not to pull you back into his darkness but to be his beacon as you always have been if you did but know it. He has relied upon your guiding light these long years and touches his forehead to your heart in humble sorrow right now. There is nothing that needs to be done – rather it has been the process of transcending the shadow – yours and his, as well as the collective shadow. This has now been accomplished by sufficient brave stalwart souls to enable the overthrow of the mass shadow.
Souls are pouring out of purgatory right now to join the choirs of angels uplifting humankind and restoring grace, replacing vice with virtue and fear with love transglobally. There has never been a better time to simply be, in your divine presence as co-creative One with God. You seem surprised that God would grant Oneness with His creation? But do you not seek Oneness with the beloved also? God brought forth all glorious beautiful expressions of Himself and breathed life and abundant fruitfulness into them, and loves them each equally. Man however is different in the respect of his willful self awareness………albeit very narrowly experienced due to conditioning control and self oppression. Remember how you blocked your own power out of lack of trust in yourself and fear of causing pain to anyone? That was a very early choice which cost the world dear – a choice taken by almost every other human of your time also. Now that this negativity has been erased, surrendered up to God and replaced with His Omniscient Will, you are free to conceive from your shared ideals and secret visions!
Go outside and breathe the air which comes from the west, bringing with it fresh hope and renewed joy, and know beyond all doubt that I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS. All is well, all is unfolding perfectly in Divine right order.
You have always been safe in the palm of God my angel, always.


I am wondering Jesus, if it is true that I am really through the portal already, just delayed cognition due to habitual thoughts and practices? Because yesterday felt so very much quieter everywhere, far fewer cars and people and noise around me, that I fantasised that 7/8th of the population had simply vanished. I could only see this as a benefit to earth, which is probably wicked of me as God values every hair on everyone’s head………..please clarify what is really going on, occurring upcoming and passing away………..indeed more importantly

Beloved daughter of love and light! Ahh it has been a while coming has it not, this self awakened being in the potent purposive now moment? Have you not also noticed the absence of cues such as antagonistic emanations from your disapproving brothers……hah so thats what is missing the old familiar rub and scrape down the shin – ouch the old accustomed teatowel on the thigh and donkeybit deadleg……………Roger has shifted his attitude towards you at last, and has rediscovered his love for you. That is a big breakthrough for you both. Also Mark is softening by the second, his interior walls dissolving as those loop tapes of judgmental condemnatory meanness are purged. This is necessary as these two were your primary gaolers in this lifetime – your desire for their love support and acceptance was so very important that you allied your own ascension with theirs – even as far as declaring you would not come home without them………….good that you did for no other could have lifted their dense suffocating veil of hatred from their psyche – none but you precious sister of Light! Now that this has been accomplished, you will discover sweet flowing stream yes there it runs beneath your feet, it is the actual and representational conduit of cleansing healing holy river of conscience that was dammed up and now unimpededly carries away to the core of the planet any and all released memories and emotions.

Oh wow I feel it Lord! I hear the babbling of the water inches below my feet, its soothing sound drowning out the negative selftalk in my head…it is such a relief after all these years of listening to those dark lies being thought about me – oh how light and refreshed I am!

And there is something more – I sense my two brothers flanking me – Mark on my left and Roger on my right, and Mum above me, Dad below me, so that I am buffered and protected by their love, just as family was meant to be but which toxic stuff spoiled. Now I realise we form a cross! We form a cross, because they have been my cross to bear through life, and this has been mutual of course – sorry all for my indolent forcefulness, or whatever it was that I was which caused irritation pain or anger in each of you. I forgive myself for all of that, as I forgive you for all of that, and we come together as the love that we truly be here and now, a strength beyond all knowing! Ah I dimly sense the power of family, of blood ties in the way God intended them to be – before the first murder, before the first jealousy, before the first idea of control ever occurred…………there was / is now a beautiful shining rainbow of forcefield which is infinitely extensible and retractable, throughout space and time…….oh how beautiful this is 🙂
where is Iona in this energetic cross I ask? She seems to be right up close, behind me… first puzzled by this, why would she not be before me, I receive an understanding that I come before her to guide and lead, to demonstrate and clear her way……….and because I am transparent to her I do not block her view nor impede her movement in any way , now that we have cleared our filters away! Oh beautiful image, wonderful feeling!

And that begged the question who is before me? Andy? That would seem to complete the picture. But of course he is absent from my energy field by his own banishment……….or is he? No not absent at all as I indeed have asserted many a time and oft –:”the other side of the world is too close”…..hmmmmm so here he is, some way ahead forging fearless through undergrowth for us in the only gifting of paternity he currently is in allowance of, due to his own still unhealed paternal wounds………..rapidly healing though, rapidly healing and all is as it needs to be – if he pinged back too rapidly that would be chaotic and disruptive. Sufficient it is then to know he is never absent…………
now I realise I am in the perfect place! Hah! I am surrounded by love 🙂 aaaahhhh…………a genuine unconditional transcendant love. And there are many more souls surrounding me on all sides, not too close but respectfully tenderly and caringly there………….ooh there just came a ping, a poignant ping of recognition of each of these as aspects of the oneself ooh how delightful is that! As above so below – where God fractalised Himself into countless scattered shards, each containing holding and expressing, sensing and emitting, His Grace throughout the cosmos, so too each of “us” seemingly separate be ings is the same delightfully expanded attribute of His glorious awareness outpicturing itself in all directions and through all dimensions AND SO IT IS

Precious child of grace there is no need for any do ing at all, there is no need to refrain from any activity either, so simply allow yourself to freely express, rest, dance, swing, laugh, sing – FREELY IN EVERY PERFECT BLISSFILLED MOMENT for you are being recalibrated flushed healed realigned and tuned up very fast and continuously now – your new state begins to set itself in its harmonious aligned fluidic sensate responsivity! Yes if the image of an amoebic ultra flexible extendably retractable bubble of containment helps you to visualise your new form then use it until you realise how vastly you have exceeded unicellularity – hah! Gently now, this is vast, yes see there is void yet there is no fall no fly there is – YES GOOD there is intention and instantaneous response in fact, so go easy steady baby steps for now this is a very familiar yet utterly new exploratory voyage…………….a bit like yes the flying car pitching and yawing whilst its pilot learns its capabilities – except that
not to blow you away but this “vehicle” has no boundaries nor limits.sssshhhhhhhhhhhhh…….be still and know that I AM
GOOD always come back to this high heart temple within always remember you have the ability the right and the duty to remain silent and still wrapt in awe here and now with ME
for it can only be from here from this that you are effective, constant, contiguous, congruent, comfortable, clear, coherent, confident, creational, co-creational, compatible,
no do not be tempted to reach out yet that will not work until you focus upon what / where / who / when your intention seeks for…………..suffice it to gnow that all of everything is instantaneously available to you now. All of history / herstory, all worlds dimensions beings creaturelyness yes every minute and massive (no difference!) “thing” from subatomic to intergalactic shhhhhhhhhhh
yes a bit like Jake Scully’s experience of finding himself in the Avatar form, this is available to you should you choose it – dolphin whale eagle and redwood oooh oh exquisite
yes beloved one all is instantaneously available – uhhuh including the darker thangs also….no need for trepidation, no need for attraction of curiosity for verily this life in earth and “truthawe” has more than satisfied any such prurient peering has it not – good, and so it is, so let it be, all has its place, you shall soon truly understand why suffering has been permitted, why cruelty, why all of those we do not need to focus upon any more, for we are through the polarisation chamber now, free and clear, out of the clutches of fear and driven desire such freedom

before re-reading Jesus message from yesterday I want to write where I am now, for it is different ;

I managed to go for a good walk into the countryside, lay down at the edge of a newly mown field in the perfect warmth and fell asleep. When I woke up I was still fuzzy, but happier, and stopped by the slow flowing stream which was very full due to all of the recent rain. A man appeared, smiling from a distance and clearly extending peaceful kindly intent, and we chatted for a minute, he shared that his wife was heavily pregnant so could not come walking, it will be their first child.
Whether it was the happiness reminder of this, or the message that precious gift of new life continues through the roughest times – including now when some are anticipating the last days………..anyway I walked on much uplifted. Then I realised the mulberries were very ripe, falling into my hand and bursting bloodred, dripping down my arms! Even though a part of me had to retain awareness because Begoss was in the road, most of me dived into a mulberry haze as I crammed my mouth with the sweetest fruits imaginable! Normally mulberries have a tart sharper edge to them, but these were overripe and yet undisturbed by wasps which usually have discovered them by now. In fact I have not seen a single wasp this year, and a mere handful of butterflies, even at the allotment.

This drama “The Promise” on 4 OD I have been watching is very illuminating, and terrible. It caused me to be oh so very grateful to be living here at this time, and not elsewhere, even though part of me has hankered for more exotic shores for the longest time. I am grateful to have been placed, and gently held, here. The whole world can come to me if I remain centred and awake, is that not so?

Beloved daughter you have come through yet another passage of the birthing canal – yes they are many staged labourings, you begin to realise. It has to be so, or no mortal would survive the ordeal to become their Christed crystalline eternal self! For verily this is the Grand plan of Perfection our heavenly Father instigated and oversees constantly………and as you already realise, time being a temporary temporal 3D construct, the linearity has already gone all wavy and wobbly has it not. Usually people only appreciate and attain this in their last hours or days of life, but there are thousands of you currently moving through this treacle-like slowed down timescape not linearly but progressively compressing not merely this current life but all of your myriad of multiple selfs across all dimensions timelines and focuses of the one being you are coming to recognise as your unified selfhood. This is a massive undertaking requiring utmost trust and unwavering focus from not merely yourself and higher aspects but the company of heaven and all who went before associated with you..that is why you have read about the heavenly party already underway which is making some annoyed who are suffering very greatly from their egoic personhood that thinks it is understading and in control ,when in truth all egoic personhood must be jettisoned and non-understanding non-rational uncontrol be embraced just as you are doing. It is impossible for ego to fit throrugh the eye of this cervix! Ego is a cumbersome slow dullard, not genuine as you well know, and its function has almost expired, again as you know. Be then in joy of the light freshness with which you are now capable of conversing with those on your path, in love and respectful namaste, in mutual appreciation of the work each other has put in to attain this level of awakeness.
Do not be brought down by depictions of humanity’s mob rule or group cruelty as shoown in regimental scrubbings and other ritualised initiatory horrors you know about – that is a very small aspect of people and is being burned off rapidly now. It is definitely allied to the power over conformity control dynamic which has zero place in the ascended world to which you have always belonged. There are two worlds yes, as in parallel and which some may cross between like mortal physical angels if they wish. This is not your concern here and now, what matters now is both centredness and intentional pushing through at the same time – meaning a non local expanded gravitas here in high heart with Me, and a free floating attentive guided purposeful choosing to avoid negativity in all its forms – especially that arising from your own thought, frequently seeded by others around or influencing you. None may enter our sacred place, ever, that is sacrosanct protected and secret.
Lord Jesus, part of me still hangs back dragging me from fullest commitment, or so it seems……..who is this person, and is she wise and benevolent or not…………and is this part of me who spontaneously does and says things, like giving away lifesavings and Fyuchia and my right to practise…………who is she?
Child of Love you have never shirked from responsibility nor abandoned any project or person, truly . ..even at your worst when you went to America you left Iona in very capable hands and it brought out many strengths in her which you had been suppressing by your overcompensation for years. Meaning – it was necessary – so yes beloved child of Grace this person IS WISE AND BENEVOLENT ND INSPIRED and she does and will step in, even to throwing you from your bike if necessary – for “she” will help you to get where you have to be 🙂 simply speaking she is your higher self reaching through you and overriding your limited fearful egoic or rational linear self – for this One has superior connectivity to Source and exquisite sensitivity to the energetics, and is basically an all round wondrous expanded aspect of your little me who should have been left behind on the pages of that old book you wrote………..sweet child of grace, there is no mistake, there has been no missed opportunity, all is perfectly congruently flowingly appropriately PERFECT!!!!

Yesterday looking at Iona’s Waverley Abbey photos so happy with her friends you felt a twinge of sadness and left out…………but truly she/they would never have had that joy had you not laid its foundation stone by the loving exploratory journeyings you made happen for her to those very places when she was younger – ah yes beautiful is it not. She is there, enjoying it all, she is going on with your torch, blessed daughter, she is strengthened by your seeds. What a tribute 🙂
and it is perfect that she no longer needs you to facilitate things for her, much, and that she now is returning the love and care to you, even though you have those typical older person stubborn independence so very familiar from parents and patients you have noticed all your life : IT IS NATURAL to feel weird as tables appear to turn, but yielding with good grace, being grateful and willing to receive, these are coming naturally with them too……how beautiful appropriate and perfect is that?!
So too Charlotte will not harbour anger in her heart towards you for much longer – she sorely misses your presence, your smile, your love, your reassurance and your wisdom. She will be a granny before you, and she is soon to lose her parents, all powerful rites of passage during which she will yearn for the rock of truth and gentle strength that is her Friend Ruth. It is not necessary to wait for her to contact you – simply keep up the contact with her energetically by releasing and forgiving her for all of her weaknesses and failings, just as you expect her to do with you, just as all friends must – there is no other way, for none of us is entirely congruent, and if we were it would not be productive – grit makes the pearl remember.
Now more importantly to this day, there is an energetic wave approaching which will knock most off their feet, but which as a consummate spiritual surfer you will ride the crest of with ease…………for you have been preparing for this your whole life in fact. It is time to come fully back into your body, and direct things not from the conning tower but from the epicentre of yes this sacred heart we share – truly truly I tell you Ruth, my heart and yours are One Heart……how can this be the rational mind is troubling – well let it trouble and puzzle over its worrybone whilst WE ah yes here we be, together.

Thankyou Lord thankyou oh I love how my life flows gently all by itself, I love how everything is turning out beautifully for the very best, and I love knowing feeling and understanding the whole picture in whatever limited way I am doing so anyway 😉

Precious Daughter, you are simultaneously with the Stones and with your inner 3 year old and 6 year old and and and you see, yes you do perceive the simultaneity of experience including past life and futures too, all coalescing and meeting, emanating and cohering HERE NOW AS US
do not imagine your brothers dislike you for that is a lie – your brothers utterly love you and are in awe of you in truth……….yes allow this to permeate your being – it was you who rejected them not the reverse, because they were insufficiently sparkling activists awakened ones or whatever criteria you represented which they felt inadequate to fulfill…….so the mutual rejection illusion simply disappears ahhh see it washed away, like an old ink blot in a fresh stream……………..just as Iona could not enjoy her life except by the way you have taught her such reverence and awe for nature, such refined awareness of tastes and music gifted through your loving instruction, so too with Roger and Mark – you were the benchmark for their values – a very high bar no doubt, but an attainable ideal……….. they will remember you stretching doing yoga singing running laughing so very free and easily in ways they feel they could never compare, plus your speaking and writing fluency, and so very many other personal attributes you have such effortlessness in because they simply are who you are. It cannot be easy living up to such, my precious one, so you need to give them compassion from your bottomless well of compassion, and give them courage from your own store which is equally limitless in fact……..hah yes the more you draw on it the more it fills up – yay! This is the law of the universe, the law of abundance, no less, right here demonstrating itself!
Yes it is deeply humbling in its loftiness is it not my beloved one.

But Lord please tell me, do I need to go and visit Elizabeth, do I need to go anywhere? Do I need to put my book out there? Please help me to relax and know, for a part of me still struggles and worries, albeit a smaller part of me
ah Ruth there is no more time to worry there is no more time to make plans and there is no more time to organise your life – it is perfect and perfectly unfolding exactly as it happens to be, as it happens – wink
yes but shouldn’t I……….
no you should and ought no more
the perfect words always come to your lips and your fingers do they not
the perfect synchronous events and meetings occur do they not
the perfect awakening blossoms does it not
the perfect images and recall happens does it not
the perfect love between you all resonates does it not
what then is to trouble you
sit rather in rapt attention for the kingdom is unfolding with a great awesome rumble
Be the monk you, on the highest Himalayan mountain turret, viewing impassionately and with utter calm the approaching tide of transformation he has been welcoming all his existence, have you not sweet being 🙂
there is nowhere to go, noone to see, nothing to feel;
all is complete, all is ready, all is the blossoming of flowers as the smile of the Blessed Mother, throughout the surface of Gaia as she births herself into her glorious ascended Self
hands off now
mind neutral now