On Morality: Why Violence Will Never Advance The Animal Rights Movement (or any movement)


as a pacifist I liked reading this 🙂

The Legacy Of Pythagoras


Violence can never advance the true Animal Rights movement (Abolitionist Veganism) because it does not solve problems, either in an abstract respect nor from a practical one.

Here, in my opinion, are the reasons why:

1. Violence is immoral – True Veganism is a movement that is fundamentally about non-violence, it’s not only against violence by humans towards nonhumans, but also against humans towards other humans. If violence by humans against nonhumans is immoral, then violence by humans against other humans is also immoral, using the same criteria. Also, raping women who wear fur or killing vivisectors and factory farm workers is not Self-Defense nor is it Defense Of Others. Self-Defense/Defense Of Others occurs when the person committing the original violence understands why their violence is wrong. Since  the people killing the factory farm workers or vivisectors etc. will not take the time to educate them all about Veganism, this rule does…

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