climate strange


The root cause of our catastrophic failure as Earth Guardians is the fatal demise of sacredness. Every living thing has been desecrated by us.
Raging extinction is the biggest travesty of humanity’s failure to care, a sign of our deplorable, pathetic, destructive arrogance.
Ecosystem collapse is due to our collective delusion of superiority.
Ecological devastation is the tragic consequence of our insatiable greed, our indulgence in, and acceptance of gross inequality, usury, enslavement, patriarchy and lust.
Our hubris, speciesist aggrandisement and egoic pride is the downfall of harmony and peaceful co-existence which thrived before our minds overshot our awareness.

I feel massive shame, depthless disappointment, and agonising sorrow on behalf of the rapacious nation I was born into, the toxic cruelty of my race, the bloody mess we have made of all that is beautiful, pure, innocent and natural.

Yet I have not succumbed to despair. Hope still stirs, faith winnows hope, and faith rekindles trust. If not in us, then in our higher, better selves.
From the fount of Source and solace. Out of the memory of transcendence.
Reflecting the beyond place of Unity, pre and post polarisation, seen and felt as the lie of separation.
Lucky are those who awoke before the masses.
Blessed are those who held the taper high through the mocking and rejection.
The ragged messengers who would not be muzzled or muted.
Beloved beyond these are the ones who were tortured and murdered for their honesty.
For them, in their honour, I keep on trying.
To them I give my humble gratitude.
I sense them working to inspire us to resacralise, be compassionate, to love what we have lost enough to rewild and reify what remains.

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