White wall installation WOW!
Heady hearty bubbly yet focussed.
Safe – not remotely manic
9.2 redefines excitement:
empowered, unscattered,
on task and purposively poised
Not for daily consumption,
like vegan lemon cheesecake
whose meltingly sensual satisfaction
is in the specialness of it.
too frequent and its magic’s gone
a bit like sex – more isn’t better
rather the rare perfection
that comes upon two
in non dual unity of bliss.
Even more like sex is the fear
that the next cheesecake won’t
hit the g for gorgeous spot.
Again like sex I am relieved
I’ll never ride a horse again
I’m glad I did
and Im glad I no longer desire to.
That’s replete completion
perfect closure
like finishing a novel,
a wonderful holiday
a piece of artwork
leaving on a higher plane
when you exit
craving-free and calm

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