necrovore nonsense


Only addicts and idiots say “You don’t know what you’re missing”
Can you believe I’ve had many a necrovore tell me:
“There’s nothing like a juicy steak to sink your teeth into”
They’re not wrong about that though : what could possible compare for cruelty and heartlessness? First you take millions of years of evolution and warp it to grow a leaner bigger steak in half the time. You steal freedom, sunder family, and crush it with confinement. Add a peppering of bodily mutilation (testosterone makes flesh bitter). Raise the calves away from their mothers, in demeaning domination to desecrate their spirit. Then a terror trip to the slaughterhouse.
No, there’s nothing quite like that
Apart from:

betrayal of trust
denigration of sanctity
destruction of sanctuary

Ubiquitously normalised brutality

How do you turn a placid pastoral race into killers? Teach them how to domesecrate other beings, make cattle their manna, and they’ll start fighting over grazing land.

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