People popularly say that unless a person owns something they do not value and protect it. I think that is nonsense. I have never owned property or other beings yet I have given unstintingly of my love, energy and effort to conserve and improve other peoples property I have been privileged to live in / borrow, and I have loved and nurtured every being which ever came into my sphere of protection and care. To the best of my ability and the extent of my conscious awareness at the time. Now I have not the physical energy for most of the doingness which formerly directed my days, yet I still strive to be of benefit, ease and comfort. Or should I more truthfully say Consciously comforting the afflicted and afflicting the unconsciously comfortable 😉
I realised from a very young age that people are possessed by what they cling to much more than those things could ever really be possessed by them…even when a person uses their right of ownership to destroy something on a whim (such as killing trees because they’re in an inconvenient place or not the right species/colour/size…) it is a piece of that persons own soul they are destroying.

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