You can’t save fish by eating fish


It takes about 5kg of wild caught fish (plus grain) to produce 1kg of farmed fish. Half of the world’s fish catch is fed to farmed animals to produce eggs and meat so even if one is not eating seafood directly, one is still contributing to ocean deaths by eating other animal products. Fish feel pain. They are sentient beings with perceptual awareness and interests in their own lives. They are just as morally valuable as the whales we so desperately want to protect.

70% of all the fish in the sea have gone (since 1950 records). 90% of the large predatory fishes such as tuna, cod, salmon and swordfish have gone. It is predicted by scientists at current fishing rates that all the fishes will be gone by 2050. At a time of such crisis when we are faced with the real possibility of further mass extinctions of life in the sea, every fish is precious. The term “sustainable fishing” and eating only “sustainable species” is meaningless at a time of crisis. We cannot save fish by eating fish. If we want to save the ocean we have to stop eating it. Go vegan and stop the carnage. It’s morally the right thing to do. Save the ocean, be nonviolent, respect all species by letting them live. Being vegan is healthy, ethical, Earth friendly and it’s easy!

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