True Colours


For me, observing the vegan movement with the benefit of vast longevity (47 years a vegan activist and stopped counting!) it is the slow unfurling of people’s hearts and minds, at first selectively out of fear at the enormity of the horror, and then excluding others out of rage at its continued acceleration because they could be doing more. There are direct parralels between this and the incited splits and blaming that society is goaded to keep false barriers up, keeping us in disconnect, and into shaming and blaming one another = the age old divide and conquer tricksterism which has suppressed human awakenment and controlled behaviours for ever. Seeing through this lie is all we truly need, with the willingness to allow the love which is our true nature to dominate our small conditioned minds.
We are getting there; I believe and hold the vision on behalf of those still partially in the delusion.
Being a peace ambassador in a world at war within itself.
Unravelling my part in the collective shadow and loving it into light.
Being aware of the myriad forms of projection our egos indulge in to stay alive. Owning the addicted habits and gently nursing self back to original wholeness. Reclaiming original innocence,
perfect trust,
and total honesty.
Very soon humanity shall have no choice but to show our true colours, because to some of us they are already clearly visible.

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