are your choices really free?


Do you truly choose in each moment, that which you think yourself freely to be in choice of?
Meaning : are not your habitually entrained food decisions and taste preferences imprinted upon you, and consequently not genuine freedom at all?
If you sincerely desire that “freedom to choose” you thought, up until I just provoked the questioning of it, that you had; is it not about time you challenged the underlying assumptions, conditioned responses, and non-freedom to decide for yourself that this brings up?
And whilst you’re at it, who is doing the decision making in your life?
Just how authentic, joined up, congruent and aligned with who you believe yourself to be, are those habituated eating habits?
Do you not owe it to yourself, to life, to the broader reality of which you perceive yourself to be an integral aspect, to at least bring up into conscious awareness the motivation moving you?
Would you not rather prefer to be electively deciding, in for and from your real highest and best self
for the greater good of all
from an expanded perspective of possibility and consequentiality?
The compassionate lifeway begins with veganism and cannot progress until that choice has been made.

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