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possessing the earth


the grumble of Earth’s groan
as she receives the near-afterness
which one species has pressed into her body
like an indelible stamp of possession



more valuable than arousal, satisfaction or bliss
the poise of equanimity
the grace of balance
offering hospitality to arising experience
free from craving or aversion
devoid of attachment or judgment
in allowance of the flow
of ephemeral isness
the gift of presence
the blessing of sentience
a fresh cleansed palate
welcomes the incoming
colour of becoming



White wall installation WOW!
Heady hearty bubbly yet focussed.
Safe – not remotely manic
9.2 redefines excitement:
empowered, unscattered,
on task and purposively poised
Not for daily consumption,
like vegan lemon cheesecake
whose meltingly sensual satisfaction
is in the specialness of it.
too frequent and its magic’s gone
a bit like sex – more isn’t better
rather the rare perfection
that comes upon two
in non dual unity of bliss.
Even more like sex is the fear
that the next cheesecake won’t
hit the g for gorgeous spot.
Again like sex I am relieved
I’ll never ride a horse again
I’m glad I did
and Im glad I no longer desire to.
That’s replete completion
perfect closure
like finishing a novel,
a wonderful holiday
a piece of artwork
leaving on a higher plane
when you exit
craving-free and calm



People don’t have a right to be miserable
nor a duty to be healthy
free will means choice :
wellness or impoverishment –
awareness is being conscious
of what our choices cost

On a scale from 0 to 10
where 10 is death by ecstasy
and zero is suicide from misery
my new normal is 8.9
Above 9 is unsustainable, manic,
overbearance, burnout
below 6 swerves into anxiety,
panic, struggle
7 = anger, risk taking.

Below 5 we’re into negativity
toxic treacle, depression
4 is bargaining, grasping, vain hope
3 is usury, theft, possession
2 is grim hanging on
by a thread
to a shred
1 is between zero and two

at 9.8 you realise the only way out is down
so death seems preferable
to yet another spin
on the waterboard wheel
9.8 is dangerous
usually drug assisted
induced by stealth
mutually assured orgasm
in a love bubble
you’ve forgotten will burst

9.9 is impossible below the 5th dimension

8.9 is beyond balance
8.9 is above logic
8.9 is through expectation
after hope
8.9 is surety
8.9 is self actualised
8.9 is intolerable to be near
for those at 5 or less
8.9 is attractive to 7
magnetic to 8
from 8.9 to 9 takes depolarisation
a state of non reactivity
full presence
being whole
suffused by Spirit
8.9 is a comfortable space

we may yet survive


If we embrace destruction,
release past poison
give away ownership
surrender superiority
we may yet survive

if we learn to share, not hoard
open doors, not hide
dissolve walls and give
the gift of possessionless presence
we may yet thrive

if we humble ourselves
stop projecting and judging
admit error and arrogance
end control drama and manipulation
we could yet rise